Get To Know Taylor Janszen

I am a personable and design centric photo/videographer with eight years design experience, five years of creative video experience, and three years of marketing experience.

Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 2013

You’ll find me behind an Apple computer designing graphics, rock climbing, snowboarding or on the water wakeboarding. New friends and connections inspire me to grow as an individual.

Ideas, staging & set-up, video/photo editing and innovation all take part in a creative project. I have the eye for design, and I use my DLSR camera skills and personality to create amazing memories captured digitally on a film ‘reel’.

“I’m learning something new everyday.” – Taylor Janszen

With many skills revolving around the digital world, I can generate ideas and concepts that bring dreams into reality. Growing up, I have always been a creative and charming individual.

Taylor’s SuperSkills Include:


Video Production

Graphic Design

Idea Generation

On-Time Delivery